Place of rest

Stop & listen 


We live in a world that glorifies productivity.  Our lives are built around what we do, how fast we do and how much we gain.  We strive to create something that is always bigger and bigger and better and better, and we never seem to be where we already should be. The endless rush of production leaves no room for rest. Do you often find yourself exhausted, pinned to your phone on vacation? Overwhelmed and tired? 


What if you started to believe that you are now exactly where you should be? 


It’s in this place that we are called to a life of Selah - place of rest And quietness. Selah  is a hebrew word, and is most commonly translated as to “Stop and Listen”. Psalmist uses it tens of times, so it must have an  important message for us as well.  When God calls us to stop, and to listen, He’s calling us to a place of rest. It can be on a coffeebreak at work, in a car waiting for your kids from the school, as you are walking out in park with your dogs...  It only takes a moment to pause and tune into what God is saying about your circumstance and His goodness.


I'm encouraging you today to pause and listen, even for a moment. In a resting place you will find your blessings and your calling. Let that blessing fuel your work, so that striving ceases and what you produce comes out of a place of rest.